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"Think of a caravan motor mover as an investment"

"Think of caravan motor movers as in investment"

The first thing to think about when you are investing in a caravan motor mover is, "will I have to purchase a new mover if I change my caravan" the answer is "NO" as a motor mover can be swaped from one caravan to another, but this will only apply if if you think ahead so looking at buying the cheapest might not always work out the cheapest.

The main points to look at are :-

1) How many Kilograms will the motor mover be capeable of moveing i.e. 750 kg or 2000 Kg. All caravans have an ID plate giving the gross laden weight so it is vital that you look at this before you purcgase a motor mover so you make sure you are purchaseing a motor mover that is capeable of moveing your caravan.

2) Look at the degree of incline that that the motor mover is capable of scaling, in short the greater the incline the motor mover can deal with then the stronger the mover motors need to be, and less likley to cut out, burn out or break down.

3) Look at how the motors are engaged to the wheels, is it a leaver bar that you have to force the motors over on both sides of the caravan, one at a time (This is not recomended if you have to park your caravan close to a wall or fence as you will have to leave the motor closest to the wall engaged which will destroy your tyre, or you will have to man handle the caravan the laste few yards, so there is no point in purchasing a motor mover)

Is it a sissor action engament and again this is not recomended for the same reasons above unless you have a cross acuation bar that engages both motors at the same time from one side.

The top end motor movers have auto engagement, which engage the motors by using the handset rather than amanual leaver or manual scissor action, and amazingly they are not that more expensive than manual engement methods.


There are many different makes and models of motor movers available and I am more than happy to give you a quotation to fit whichever motor mover you decide to independantly purchase.


As for supplying motor movers I only supply Reich Motor Movers I am always available to give you a quotation for a Reich motor mover which will include fitting. Give me a call on 01603 712700 or 07554 663815 for the latest prices




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